A screened-in porch can add a great deal of usable space to a home. Not only will you, your family and your guests enjoy the comforts of the indoors while still being outside but there are a whole host of other benefits. Here are a few screen room ideas to help you get the most out of your new screened-in porch addition:

Screen Your Porch in Sections

Many homeowners in the Houston area love the outdoors but know that the oppressive heat and the insects can make sitting outdoors intolerable at times. At other times, however, the cool nights of late fall and winter can make them absolutely fantastic. By only screening in a portion of your porch or room, a homeowner can enjoy the best of both worlds. On hot days, enjoy the enclosed area – and its air conditioning. On more temperate nights, spend some time in the screened in area and still keep away from the mosquitoes.

Make the Space Large Enough

A screened-in area must be large enough to be functional. If the home only contains you and your spouse, an area of 125 square feet is practicable. For families and those who like to entertain, a more reasonably sized space will be 300 square feet. In either case, it is important to create enough room for the activities that you plan to do in the room. Watching TV is one thing but if you plan to use the space for artistic or hobby-related reasons, you will want a significant amount of room.

Build Handy Storage

In the same vein, a screened-in porch that aims to be functional will need plenty of storage or it will likely go unused. Instead of adding unsightly storage sheds outside, try building storage under the porch or within the installed seating in the space. If you have enough space, a properly located – and generously proportioned – closet would add significantly to the room’s functionality.

Consider the Ceiling

Most homeowners usually consider the horizontal view first when planning their screened-in room. In fact, they spend a lot of time planning the exterior landscape to take advantage of that views. But the vertical view can be just as important. Adding ceiling fans, a chandelier and even a skylight, if possible, will add beauty and functionality to the upper space of a porch. Lastly, ensure that the decor of the ceiling matches that of the rest of the room or it will detract from your enjoyment of the space.

Include Comfortable Seating

While many homeowners will only opt for bench seating around the perimeter of the room, the experts at Increte of Houston also recommend installing more comfortable arrangements. In particular, add a couch, a recliner or even a padded swing to really encourage people to take advantage of the amenities on the porch. Similarly, do not overlook the advantages of a few tables in the room for people to place drinks or other items on.

Be Creative Yet Practical

This is a key suggestion and one where we feel we can help. Our experience with all types of screened-in areas means that our staff has seen numerous solutions to different problems and needs. Use us as a resource to be both creative and practical on your behalf. In short, the idea is to balance the aesthetics with the functionality – something that homeowners with limited design experience are unable to do.

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