Be Prepared For Salt Water Concrete Damage

Damage from salt can quickly weaken concrete, since it is a mild form of acid. By attacking the concrete paste and increasing the pore size, it allows additional water and chemicals to penetrate the concrete.

This then exacerbates the freeze/thaw cycle. Salt is also hygroscopic and attracts water, which can freeze in the concrete and cause chipping and cracking during a thaw. Salt also accelerates carbonation and the absorption of salts.

This correspondingly accelerates pH reduction in the concrete. The chlorides in salt are a major factor in the corrosion of concrete reinforcement because they penetrate the surrounding protective oxide layer.4

We Can Fix Your Concrete Problems

When you gain damages from concrete erosion, it may seem like you need a full replacement. Sometimes this can be true. Salt water concrete damage can leave a long lasting effect.

Increte has several solutions that can save you money. Sometimes you just need a small amount of repairs done. Concrete patching is a possibility.

Other times you may need to have full concrete replacement. We’ll work with you to find the right solution. Even if you need full replacement, we’ll always give you an honest quote and work to give you the best deal.

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