When you think of updating your backyard, you may consider traditional landscaping tasks such as tackling overgrown foliage or planting some new flowers. While these changes may bring a little happiness, they likely will not affect your overall lifestyle. If you are looking to make a major difference in your outdoor space, hardscape features can do the trick.

There are several hardscaping projects that you can complete to help enhance your outdoor space. In addition to improving your own lifestyle, these projects can also add curb appeal and usable square footage to your home, potentially increasing the overall value of your home.

Paths and Pergolas

Installing a new pathway in your backyard can help you define separate spaces outdoors. Pavers provide an elegant addition to any backyard space.  Solid stone steps or cobblestone add whimsy to the space. A concrete pathway can provide a structurally-sound material that will last for years.  Allow some mature plants spill over the edges of your pathway for a natural look.

Pergolas can also be added at the beginning, middle or end of your pathway. These units provide filtered shade for your year-round enjoyment while also making an important focal point for your outdoor space.

Space to Entertain

Establish a separate entertaining space in your backyard by adding a patio, fire pit, outdoor kitchen or other space that is clearly delineated from the softer materials outdoors.  Use flagstone pavers, a patio set and large umbrellas or a pergola to set the stage. Enjoy your next barbeque even in colder months by adding a fire pit, complete with stone benches or a retaining wall. Finish the space with lanterns, hanging lights and solid pots for your greenery.

Adding a deck truly adds usable square footage to your space. The contrast between the lawn and the wooden deck also creates an aesthetically-pleasing design. Using pre-treated wood can help you maintain your deck for year to come.

Water Features

Having a water feature in your backyard space can help you transform it into your own private oasis. Water features can include a pool, small fountains, waterfalls or even walls that trickle water down them. A small informal pond or coy pond can also provide a lovely addition to your space.


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