An outdoor kitchen is is the perfect place to prepare food and dine in a garden-like setting. They have exploded in popularity in recent years as homeowners are extending their living space to areas outside their homes. This outdoor space provides added room for social gatherings and because this area is located outdoors it is less cramped.

The Perfect Kitchen

There are some things you will need to consider when thinking of a installing a nice outdoor kitchen. This planning allows you to design the perfect outdoor space. Some of the things to account for:

  • Overall space layout – People like to gather where the action is. Your overall layout will need to take into account where you will prepare and cook the food while making sure you have plenty of space to interact with your guests. Of course, the layout of your present area will have a lot to do with how you design your kitchen. Make sure you incorporate counter space into your design as people love to sit and interact with each other, and the cook.
  • Appliances – This will be the nuts and bolts of your outdoor cooking area. Your outdoor cooking area will need just about all of the appliances you have in your indoor kitchen. These may include:
    • Refrigerator
    • Grill or other cooking source, such as a brick or pizza oven or combinations of several of them
    • Sink
    • Stove top
    • Storage area featuring stainless steel doors and drawers
    • Ice storage or Above Counter beverage center


  • Electrical outlets – You will need a few electrical outlets to power your appliances and for lights and such. Keep in mind that because this is an outdoor area safety becomes a much bigger priority when it comes to electricity. Since you may be using masonry, brick or other hard materials in your outdoor kitchen make sure where you want to locate your outlets.
  • Lighting – Since some of your entertaining will certainly be done at night you need some good lighting in the area. Lighting sets the tone for the area and can provide the perfect ambiance. Several types of lighting schemes may need to be incorporated into your design. Your entertaining options might include everything from a large crowd to an intimate gathering for just a few friends or even just you and that special someone. Plan your illumination accordingly.
  • Finish materials – There are many options when it comes to floors, countertops and other spaces in your outdoor kitchen. They all have to be very durable as they will have to deal with the outdoor weather environment. This is an area where you will certainly want to go with quality components.
  • Space covering, or none at all – You will have to decide if you want to cover your kitchen space or not. A roof-type structure can give you complete protection from the elements. Going without a covering will allow you and your guests to have a feeling of enjoying the great outdoors. This part of your design may take some extra thought. It might be wise to incorporate a design that has some covered area and some area where people can enjoy the sun, sky and stars.

A Great Space

An outdoor kitchen is a great addition to any home. Instead of slaving away in the kitchen while your guests enjoy all the action you can become part of that action yourself as your prepare food and drinks.

An outdoor kitchen Houston will add value to your home and give you more entertaining options. It’s a great way to extend your living area without extending the home itself. Add an outdoor kitchen to your home and enjoy the space! Call Increte of Houston today and schedule a free in home consultation with one of our top quality design staff.