The cost of an outdoor kitchen will depend largely on its size, the materials you select and the appliances you want installed. A basic outdoor cooking area with a patio, grill and counter top can run a few thousand dollars. While a luxury design with top-of-the-line appliances will cost many times that amount.

1. Cost of an outdoor kitchen built out of steel frame will run $350 – $500 per running foot.

2. Cost of an outdoor kitchen built out of brick or mason will run $385 – $550 per running   foot.

3. Cost of an outdoor kitchen built out of wood. PRICELESS they can burn down your house.

The biggest ticket item in an outdoor kitchen is the grill. There are many manufacturers that offer grills at a variety of price points. Some drop-in grills are as affordable as nine hundred dollars, while others can cost more than ten thousand. Communicate clearly contractor how much you are willing to spend on the grill and what features you desire.

Pro Tip: Don’t spend your whole budget on the grill. A luxury grill surrounded by sub-par      counters looks out of place.

Pro Tip: If you are trying to keep the cost at a reasonable level forgo the sink, refrigerator and side burner. Instead locate the outdoor kitchen near your indoor one so that you can conveniently move between the two. You may even be able to use your kitchen window as a pass-through.

If money is no obstacle there are a variety of upgrades you can make to an outdoor kitchen. First, you can upgrade the materials. Instead of a stucco base, opt for a natural stone veneer. Instead of ceramic tile counters, opt for granite. Second you can upgrade the appliances. Brands such as Twin Eagles Grills and Fire Magic Grills offer premium outdoor grills and accessories. You may also want to consider including warming drawers, a deep fryer or other unique appliances. Third, you can add features that will turn your kitchen into entertaining central. Try an outdoor television with surround sound.

Pro Tip: Running utilities for an outdoor kitchen can be expensive. Try locating it near your home where water and electric are already available.

Pro Tip: Outdoor refrigeration appliances such as wine chillers and keg dispensers have ongoing costs to keep them cold and functioning properly. Another option is to install a beverage center that can be filled with ice to keep drinks cool during a party.