A fire pit is one of the most entertaining and functional of all the outdoor features that you can install in your yard. They come in all manner of shapes, styles and materials. As such a homeowner has a multitude of options when choosing a fire pit. Here are some creative ideas for helping you to make the best choice possible for your situation.

Stay Traditional

The most common way to install a fire pit is within a rectangular or circular stone construction that brings the fire up about 1-2 feet off the ground. Stone rises from the floor and is then filled with the appropriate materials for building a fire. This style is best for keeping your guests warm throughout autumn and into the winter months.

Remain at Ground Level

On the other hand, warmer climes can leave the actual flame closer to the ground as the installation is more for aesthetics than actual warming. This type of fire pit installation is muted in its effect but care must still be taken to insulate the surrounding area around the pit so that the fire does not spread in unwanted ways.

Install a Bowl

Another excellent way to bring the fire up to knee-high height is to use a large stone bowl. The effect is quite dramatic as most bowls are used to contain liquids and not a flame. Use one large bowl as a focal point in the yard or several smaller ones to define a particular space. One other option is to semicircular bowls installed along a wall to provide heat and illumination in a relatively low-key manner.

Try a Wall of Fire

The use of installed gas lines instead of a simple wood fire can create some very interesting effects in a fire pit. For example, a gas line can be laid along an entire wall that will enliven any backyard. Similarly, the use of gas lines lets a homeowner place a fire in some very unusual places such as the mouths of sculptures and the tops of water features.

Create a Work of Art

One of the more daring – and significantly more problematic – ways to utilize a fire pit is as a work of art. In most cases, the homeowner will have to commission the piece from an artist and a HVAC technician. It will certainly take a lot of time, money and aggravation to complete the installation but the effort can be totally worthwhile. The key to this project is to not let your own artistic vision cloud the practicality of what you are trying to accomplish.

A Final Thought

Fire pits are some of the oldest and simplest of man’s creations. Stick to the basics – that is, develop a functioning fire pit – when creating your first one and then let your imagination run wild on subsequent ones as you further refine your artistic sensibilities.

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