A current and well received trend for homeowners is to create an outdoor kitchen, and why not? Enjoying the outdoors is made even more pleasurable with the addition of a functional kitchen space. It also has the benefit of keeping the heat from cooking out of the home during the hot summer months. Whether you want to keep a simple set up of a seating area and BBQ station, or have your eye on a more involved location which includes a bar and fireplace entertainment, getting the assistance of a professional crew for planning and development will insure that you get what you want.
Some of the more popular and functional ideas that have been used to improve the available outdoor space include such items as:

  • Build a pergola to define space and produce a nicely shaded location to sit under while grilling.
  • Surround the patio with a low stone wall to create a cozy sitting room.
  • Enclose the BBQ into a stone or metal framed counter area where a sink, small refrigerator, storage, oven or even a dishwasher can be incorporated. This makes a fully functional kitchen space available in the comfort of your outdoor retreat.
  • Develop a bar to wind around the cooking space. This is a great way to bring everyone together without excluding the cook.
    Plan plenty of sitting area which includes chairs or loungers near the kitchen and grill, as well as a nearby area with a fire pit, fireplace, or water feature to relax by.
  • When making your plans for a Houston outdoor kitchen, consider all of the smaller details that will impact your final design.

Do you prefer a kitchen that is fully enclosed, like a room, or totally open to the outdoors?
Would you like to have a pergola for added character, low wall for definition, or lattice walls to give partial privacy?
Where do you want your family and guests to sit? Would you like to have multiple areas for seating with additional entertainment and enjoyment values such as a fireplace, water features, or television?
What seasons and temperatures are you planning on making use of the outdoor kitchen in? Is it a good idea to supply a source of heat, or a fan to help circulate the air?

As you can see there are a number of options and considerations that combine to limitless opportunities to create your perfect outdoor kitchen getaway. Bring your ideas and dreams to our professional designers at Increte of Houston where we will help you develop them into a reality.