Home category retail spending continues to reach the levels of pre-recession. Research into new demographics and technological advances, as well as building, remodeling trends, and social factors indicate a continuation of a strong future for the outdoor living category. Some supporting factors are as follows.

1. New Home Construction is a common place for Outdoor Living Spaces.

In the last two years, over half of all residential architects have come to agree that outdoor living features play a significant role in home sales than in previous years. In fact, 63% of architects have reported that outdoor living spaces are a common “special function room” in home construction.

2. More Than Half of all New Homes Are Built with a Deck.

The number of new homes with a deck versus a patio has been increasing for several years and has reached a tipping point. Though the constructions varies substantially by geography, more than half of all new hoes are built with a deck today.

3. New Home Buyers Purchase Outdoor Living Products Soon after Moving.

New home owners tend to spend more on furnishing and property enhancements, as well as appliances when compared to non-moving owners. Outdoor furnishings, particularly outdoor furniture, are now often a major part of new mover purchases. Dining setts and conversation groups of furniture are casual furnishings, the most common of which is outdoor space purchases.

4. Outdoor Furniture Sales Growth Exceeds All Other Furniture Categories.

Even though all outdoor living categories have fared well, outdoor furniture sales growth has been particularly strong during the past ten years. About $4 billion sales, the category’s 50% growth is well ahead of every other category of furniture. This includes sofas, chairs, bedroom, dining and entertainment furniture.

5. Twenty-Five Percent of Current Homeowners Plan to Remodel Their Outdoor Space.

New outdoor living spaces aren’t only for new home-buyers. More than a quarter of homeowners are staying in their homes longer and plan to remodel or enhance their outdoor space, this according to the 2014 Houzz & Home Study (conducted among Houzz users).

6. New Technologies and Products Extend the Outdoor Living Season.

The growth of mobile technologies, such as smart phones, laptops, tablets, and e-readers. Consumers are no longer tied to heavy products and no longer rely on cords. This makes it easier to bring electronic entertainment and work outdoors. Innovative technologies such as radiant outdoor flooring, which keeps the flooring at least 38 degrees, and  highly durable fabric walls and curtains increase the outdoor space comfort and extend the season.

7. Design Trends Continue to Blur the Lines between Indoor and Outdoor Living.

A diminishing difference between indoor and outdoor furniture has been promoted by companies that offer durable all-weather blogs, television shows and magazines. This by focusing on traditional design elements that bring the outside in and the inside out.