Concrete Services

From retail centers to home interiors, we can provide you with a decorative concrete solution that can be as practical or imaginative as you wish. Decorative concrete has quickly become one of the most sought after property enhancements for both commercial and residential customers. With the addition of color and texturing effects, a new dimension of style can be obtained for your backyard or driveway projects.

Popular decorative concrete methods include stamped concrete, stained concrete, textured and smooth concrete overlays, as well as concrete design etching. Our experts can transform your property into a contemporary or classic style theme. The numerous patterns and colors available will provide you with the flexibility to completely customize your project. Homeowners, builders and property owners throughout Houston recognize that decorative concrete increases property value and curb appeal.

Not only is decorative concrete less costly than most other materials, it’s also easy to maintain. Turn to the experts at Increte of Houston with our quality craftsmanship to help you renovate your space into the vision of your dreams.

Garage Floors

Increte of Houston has provided exceptional garage flooring solutions to the Houston area for over 30 years. As a full service concrete company, we have excellent craftsmanship and competitive prices. Using the latest technologies, we can achieve many unique looks for your garage floor or any other surface.

A garage floor coating is one of the most cost-effective ways to enhance and protect a garage floor. The science behind epoxy garage floors makes them great for extended use with minimal upkeep. Coatings can be used in combination with other cement effects to mimic other surfaces such as marble or slate, and can add unique colors and shine.

Sealers can be used to hide imperfections on garage floors and can also improve the resistance of the floor to everyday wear and tear. Sealants are available in many different colors which can give your garage floor a unique appearance. Paint chips or quartz can also be incorporated into the sealer, giving it a textured appearance that makes it even more attractive. Through the use of garage floor finishes, it is possible for you to achieve results that would not be possible with concrete alone.


The first thing anyone sees when visiting your home is your driveway. Most driveways are plain, gray concrete without any added finishes or textures. We have installed hundreds of broom finished and picture frame finished driveways to date. However, for a very reasonable price, you can add a touch of luxury. Stamped concrete finishes are a great way to give your property extra curb appeal. Not only do they come in a variety of patterns and colors, but they also provide a long-lasting surface that requires little maintenance.

Whether your driveway project involves replacing an old, worn out driveway or pouring a driveway for your new home, Increte of Houston will provide professional service and a timely installation. Contact us today and one of our sales professionals will provide you with a free estimate.

Stamped Flagstone

One of the most appealing options available on the decorative concrete spectrum, stamped flagstone has definite advantages over natural flagstone. It can be custom colored to complement the existing brick or stone work on your house. The profile of the finished concrete is even and does not present the problems inherent from the slight shifting of natural stone. Stamped flagstone can also be sealed with an added traction compound that makes it a perfect area for pools and hot tubs.

Stamped Brick

Stamped brick concrete pattern is popular for walkways, driveways and patios. The brick pattern produces a traditional appeal to any home.

Skin Texture

A distinct advantage of the stamped skin texture finish is the way it makes the area look larger than it actually is. The fact that there are no lines of demarcation in the stamp gives the appearance of a free flowing space, making it perfect for pool areas, large and small patios, driveways and walkways. Stamped skin texture can only be installed using the two color method. When combined with a stamped border, this application is very pleasing to the eye.

Stamped River Rock

Stamped river rock is primarily used for walkways and patios. Because of the busy nature of the stamped pattern, it is not the best choice for larger areas. The pattern can be colored by using either the two color or custom four color process. The pattern also can be used as a wide border or an inlaid walkway through a larger pool or patio as an accent.

Stamped Fan Pattern

An elegant European stamped fan pattern consists of slightly curved rectangular slate stones. Our craftsmen are highly skilled at utilizing decorative concrete to enhance all types of property.

Stamped Wood Grain

The rustic appeal of the stamped wood grain finish is very unique. Complete with simulated nails, it must be seen to be appreciated. When this stamp is chosen, the color choice is almost always a two color process. With the right color choice, the finished product lends an antique quality to the concrete and can really make a bold statement.

Stamped Cobblestone

Stamped cobblestone is an excellent choice for a driveway application. The entire driveway can be stamped cobblestone to lend a classic element to your property. As a more budget friendly option, a broom finished driveway can be installed with a cobblestone border. This stamp is also popular for courtyards, porte-cochères and garden gazebo areas.