When summer comes to the greater Houston and Galveston area, the hot weather makes it more difficult to enjoy spending time on your backyard patio. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. What’s called for is protection from the sun while still allowing for sufficient air flow. There are a number of options for making this happen. To find out what’s best in your case, and what best complements the architecture of your home and your personal tastes, it makes sense to have a look at various covered patio ideas.

Shingled Roof Patio Covers

Homeowners that are interested in covered patio ideas have a flexible range of choices. One of the primary benefits of shingled roofs is are that they provide complete overhead protection from the sun. Another benefit is that your relaxation and entertaining can still go on when you get the occasional summer downpour. Your party furniture and outdoor kitchen are also better protected from the elements.

If this type of cover appeals to you, you will also need to consider whether you want it to be attached to your home or freestanding. Each configuration has its own advantages. For example, it may depend on whether you already have a patio close to your home or further out by a swimming pool, water feature, or garden.

Perfect Houston Pergola

The Classic Pergola

Pergolas are also very popular with homeowners that prefer some sunlight to reach through the patio cover to the patio itself. The pergola concept as an outdoor structure is by no means new; they have been around since at least the mid-1600s so they are popular with homeowners looking for a more classic look. Another term you may have heard for this type of structure is an arbor.

The architecture of the structure itself doesn’t necessarily have to be very complicated although there are many design choices. It is built with vertical support columns, horizontal beams, and a lattice cover. The alignment of the beams can help determine at which time of day the sun comes through and when it is shady.

There is also a wide range of choices when it comes to building materials. Using cedar or treated wood is a good choice for a neutral or traditional look. It can also be stained to match other elements of your home. Composite and aluminum perform very well in our gulf coast climate and require very little maintenance. Many homeowners choose to have the support columns made from brick; this is a good choice for matching styles if your home has a brick veneer. Using polycarbonate sheets for the lattice cover is also a great idea in the Houston area because they offer outstanding UV protection from the summer sun.

Like shingled covers, pergolas may also be attached or freestanding. Freestanding ones work very well in gardens or in pool areas. Another advantage is that the open nature provides a perfect advantage for enjoying climbing plants. Good choices for these plants are climbing roses, morning glories, and grape vines.

The Approach from Planning to Completion

With so many covered patio ideas, it is easy to become overcome by the choices. At Increte of Houston, we would be happy to offer you advice on the best solutions for your property and then take the project through to completion.