The fantastic mix for the perfect outdoor kitchen is the right cooking area set up in a natural and inviting setting. After all, there is nothing quite like an open grill, especially if it has all of the needed pieces to make for a perfectly relaxing and inviting environment. If you are interested in transforming the appearance of your outdoor cooking space, then you have several things to consider before laying out the foundation.

An increasing number of people are adding outdoor kitchens to their homes today. There are many reasons for this, most especially that homeowners enjoy being able to entertain in a natural environment while still having the amenities of home. By setting up your area properly, you can transform a portion of your yard into an aesthetically pleasing environment that will provide the perfect area for family gatherings and entertaining friends. You are restricted only by  your budget and imagination as to what can be done. Consider these elements when designing your outdoor kitchen, and you are certain to find years of pleasure in the creation:

1. Space

While you may have an idea of where you want the outdoor kitchen in your yard, you need to consider how to maximize usage of that space. Rather than creating an obstruction, the new construction should flow seamlessly from your home. The layout should allow people in the kitchen to naturally look out of the windows into the outdoor kitchen area. Do not cover up the windows or create a focal point of the barbecue.

Another thing to consider is the general direction of the wind in your yard. After all, nobody wants to sit on the patio while smoke blows into their face. Once you have considered these elements, you will need to determine the proper placement and angles for the various pieces in your outdoor kitchen.

For instance,  the working area should allow for easy interaction with guests. Two popular layouts for this are the L- and U-shaped designs. With these, the counters can face the patio so the cook can speak freely while working.

2. Materials

When determining which materials to use for the  area, you need to think about what is appealing to look at, and what will withstand the weather. Granite slab and granite tile are both excellent choices for your counters to meet these requirements.

Use a capping for the seating wall that can connect directly in with the architecture of your home. For instance, stone or brick that will blend naturally with the design. As for the paving, a regular concrete patio is a preferred choice for many today, though stamped concrete is quite attractive as well.

3. Appliances

While in the past it was common for homeowners to trek in and out in order to access everything needed for the perfect barbecue, that is no longer the case. Just an attractive and functional grill will not suffice today. You will discover that outdoor area manufacturers are providing a wide range of appliances to meet your needs. Not only can you get an outdoor sink, you can have an additional stove top, refrigerator and attractive storage.

Select your appliances to meet your needs instead of what is most popular. For instance, you may want a pizza oven instead of a stove top. An ice machine and quality blender are fantastic choices if you plan on serving blended beverages regularly. Once you determine these items, make certain that they are lined up for ease of use with your electrical outlets.

4. Covering

An overhead structure will provide protection for everyone should the weather turn in the middle of your party. A pergola or pavilion may provide the right level of coverage while still providing access to the natural views and air around you.

In addition to protection from the elements, the right covering may also incorporate your garden through the use of climbing vines. This may bring the feeling of nature even closer while still providing an element of function to your outdoor kitchen. A well selected covering will finish off the area and make it feel like an extra room connected to your home, rather than being a completely separate entity outside.


If you plan carefully by considering these four aspects of design, you can create the perfect outdoor kitchen that you will love to use for many years to come. Call Increte of Houston today at 281-499-3990 or message us online here for more information.