One of the most common designs in Outdoor Kitchens in the Katy, TX area, is as followed:

  • 36″ gas grill (can service at least 8 burgers, etc.)
  • Storage under cabinets.
  • Earth tone final finish on cabinets, stucco, ameristone, etc.
  • Lights under bar area.
  • Raised bar with lower bar to serve children.
  • Back splash  behind grill area.
  • 12′ to 15′ cabinet size.
  • Drawers (great place to put your bbq stuff and misc.)
  • Power burner1. Does the company warranty the work? If so, for how long? Yes, for one year

    2. How come my concrete is cracked? Can you fix it for me so it will not crack? All concrete cracks, and all pavers will move with the ground conditions we have in the Gulf Coast region.

    3. What is the difference between stained concrete and concrete that is dyed? With stain (water or acid) it can used outside, with dyes it really is for interior use.

    4. What is the difference between a stamped overlay and stamped concrete? Overlay is 1/4″  to 2 1/2″ thick typical, while concrete would be 4″ thick with rebar/fiber mesh.

    5. How long will an overlay last before it begans to crack? First an overlay is only as good as the sub surface that it is applied on top of.

    6. How long will stamped concrete last before it will crack? All concrete can crack the day of the pour, that is why rebar and or fiber mesh is to be used at all times.

    7. One contractor told me I needed integral color for my slab, is that true? Integral concrete places the color thru out the concrete, which is nice if the concrete is chipped.

    8. How many control joints should I have in my patio? Roughly every 10 to 12 feet.

    9. Can you do anything to prevent my new driveway from being stained? You can always put a sealer on the driveway after the pour. It will help keep the driveway clean.

    10. Can you tell me how to reseal my stamped concrete patio myself? Yes, and there are several videos on the web.

    11. Does Increte of Houston do just stamped concrete? No, we do patio covers, outdoor kitchens, landscaping, ect.

    12. How long should I wait before driving on my new driveway? I would wait for at least 3 days before driving on the driveway.

    13. How come stamped concrete is so expensive? Compare to what, paver’s no, regular concrete yes.

    14. Why is your price so much more than the other contractor who bid my bid? Are they going to be in business in a year, insurance, warranty, all the bills paid or are you going to get an lien on your house.

    15. I have an outdoor kitchen made out of wood. Can Increte of Houston repair it for me? No, we build all our kitchens out of steel or masonary.

    16. Is your company listed with the Better Business Bureau? Yes, we are the 2010 & 2011 Winner of Excellence with the BBB.

    17. Why do I need to have a sealant on stamped concrete but not on regular concrete? You can put a sealer on all concrete.

    18. Should I keep my new driveway wet to help it cure? No

    19. How come overlay and stamped concrete virually the same per square foot? The material is roughly the same cost.

    20. Think Green, can the concrete that is being removed, be used on other project? Yes, we recycle all the concrete that we remove, none of it goes to a land fill.

    are nice but you have to watch where you put it, child can pull over pots and pans at that height.

  • Almost always has a cover on top of kitchen, who wants to cook in the sun or rain.
  • Sinks are nice for cleaning up, but it depends on how much it cost to tie into the sewer lines. Also French drains are a great way to get rid of grey water instead of  tying into the sewer line.